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Dr. Tom Maresca from the University of Massachusetts Amherst visited as part of the Molecular Biology Seminar Series.  – gave a great talk and tried some of the region’s “seafood”.

Taylor Sulerud, an MCLS student, decided to join the lab!

Jitender passed his qualifying exam.

Dr. Chad Pearson from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center visited as part of the Molecular Biology Seminar Series – gave a great talk and managed to get some fly fishing in on the N. Platte River.

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Jay was awarded the 2015 Nikon Research Award to conduct summer research at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole.


James, Paul & Ana presented posters at the ASCB Annual Meeting held in Philadelphia.

Dr. Aaron Groen visited from Harvard to get the lab up-to-date on recent advances in extractology.

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Dr. Alex Matov joined the lab.

Jay was named a Pew Biomedical Research scholar.

Ana passed her qualifying exam.

Jitender passed his comprehensive exam.

Jay received the UW AES Early Career Achievement Award.

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